I didn’t receive a registration confirmation/I’ve lost my registration confirmation. Where can I find it?

The registration confirmation comes from the Race Roster registration platform and not from Je Cours Qc. Make sure you have not blocked the Race Roster sender. Also check your junk mail. The security level of the mailboxes can cause your registration confirmation to be rejected if you have a Hotmail address, for example.

If you still can’t find it, you need to go to your Race Roster dashboard. You will then be able to see your confirmation number.

Here’s how to access the Race Roster dashboard:

Also, know that we will send you the runner’s guide (notice of race) near the date of the event with your bib number.

I registered for a race, but I can’t take part anymore. What are my options?

Unfortunately, registration fees are not refundable or transferable to another year, for whatever reason, two options are available to you. Please note that when you registered, you agreed to this statement. Here are the possible options:

  • Change to another distance: We accept event changes up to the change/transfer deadline for each event, depending on the remaining places for each event. For any event change request, the participant must pay the difference in fees between the two events according to the rate in effect at the time of the exchange (minus taxes and processing fees), in addition to the fees for changing $18. If a participant switches to a lower event and the price in effect at the time of the exchange is lower than the price initially paid, there will be no refund of the difference in the registration fee and there will still be 18 $ to pay. If a person wishes to make a change after the deadline, it will only be possible for him to do so on site at the delivery of the bibs, under the principle of first come first served. It will not be possible to reserve a bib for a particular person.
  • Transfer registration to someone else: We are accepting transfers of attendees up to the change/transfer deadline of each event, subject to remaining places. If a distance closes online, the participant will no longer be able to transfer his bib (even if it does not take up one more place in total). We have a maximum capacity of physical bibs, so after this date, participant transfers will only be done on site during bib distribution (depending on the remaining bibs). If a person wishes to transfer a participant on site, they must present us with written proof (printed or digital) authorizing them to take the person’s bib. For any participant transfer request, a transfer fee of $18 will be payable by the participant who picks up the bib. It is not possible to make a change of event AND participant in a single transaction. If a person receiving an entry wishes to change events, they will have to do so in a second transaction (subject to the usual change of event fees).

How do I know my starting corral?

You can check your start corral on your Race Roster dashboard.

How can I calculate my time to choose the right starting corral?

To calculate your total time in anticipation of your race, you can use a tool to help you. Click here to calculate your time in order to place yourself in the correct corral.

What is your refund policy?

In case of cancellation of an event following the decision of the organizer, all participants will be automatically refunded the full amount paid at the time of registration.

Note: We can also reimburse if the person has a ticket from a health professional. We do not offer refunds if not requested.

I am an elite runner. I would like to get a bib for free. How to proceed?

We have a special policy for Elite runners who wish to participate in the Lévis Half-marathon, as well as the Marathon Beneva de Québec. This policy includes free registration, a personalized bib color distinct from other runners, access to the first starting line and access to scholarships. In order to register as an elite runner, you must meet the performance standards (qualification standard) and make the request by completing the form available on our website, in the “Elite” section. We invite you to follow these links:

Note: Given that the 21.1km (DML) is part of the Quebec Championship, elite runners must contact Marilou Ferland-Daigle of the FQA. The criteria are also explained in the ELITE section of each event.


What do I need to pick up my bib?

In order to retrieve your bib, you must know the number assigned to you and be able to provide either a confirmation number or a civic address in addition to your first and last name to confirm your identity. You can find your bib number by clicking here. You can search using your first name, last name and even your email address.

Can someone else pick up my bib instead?

Absolutely! If this person has all the information in hand in order to collect the correct bib, we do not see any inconvenience.

Make sure that the person picking it up for you has your confirmation number, your civic address and your first and last name so that our team of volunteers can validate your identity. No written permission is required.

I’m registered for one of the Sunday events at the Beneva Quebec City Marathon, and I forgot to go pick up my bib. Can I still run the race?

Unfortunately, No. Please note that no bibs are given on Sunday mornings. Without bib, you will not be entitled to the services and you expose yourself to be out of the course. You must go and pick up your bib at the Je cours Qc Expo.


I accidentally deleted the email with the proposed training plan. Where can I find it?

It is possible to find the training plan for each event for each event on our site in PDF format under the Events tab of each race.

Can I run with a stroller?

Strollers are allowed on the following routes: Lévis Half-Marathon and Beneva de Québec Marathon. If you wish to use the shuttle service, you must ensure that your stroller enters under a bus. We ask that you stand at the end of your speed corral. Parents should avoid rolling two strollers wide on the course.

Can I take the course in a wheelchair?

It is possible to participate by having a co-runner. He must at all times keep his hands on the handles of the wheelchair. For security purposes, we must refuse access to people with reduced mobility wishing to participate solo.

We offer a preferential rate for co-runners. 50% off on registration, if ever.

I signed my child up for the Kids Run. Can I run alongside him or her?

Yes, one person per registered child is authorized to accompany their child free of charge on the various courses of the Youth Races.

Can I run with headphones?

We can’t deny you that. Note that the Fédération québécoise d’athlétisme does not recommend wearing headphones on the runners’ course. If you want to run with music, you need to be able to hear sounds from outside such as a runner asking you to pass, a policeman giving you instructions or a volunteer giving you instructions. This is for your safety and that of other participants and volunteers.


I think there’s an error in my time. What should I do?

Remember, the chip time is shorter than the gun time, as this only starts when you cross the timing mat at the start line. The further back you are in the starting pack, the greater the difference between these times will be. For any timing errors, please click here to contact our official timer, Sportstats, directly.

Will the Beneva Quebec City Marathon count as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon?

The Quebec City Marathon course is measured according to international standards and is certified by Athletics Canada. As a result, runners participating can use it to qualify for marathons, such as the Boston Marathon. Certificate number for the Quebec City Marathon QC-2022-048-BDC. Expiration Dec 31/2031

Note : The distances 21.1K, 10K and 5K are also certified.
21K: Certificate number QC-2022-047-BDC. Expiration Dec 31/2031
10K: Certificate number QC-2022-046-BDC. Expiration Dec 31/2031
15K: Certificate number QC-2022-045-BDC. Expiration Dec 31/2031

Will the Lévis Half-Marathon count as a qualifier for the New-York Marathon?

The Lévis Half-Marathon race is measured according to international standards and is certified by Athletics Canada. As a result, runners participating can use it to qualify for marathons, such as the New York Marathon.

Certificate number for the Lévis Half-Marathon QC-2021-003-LJL. Expiration 31/12/2030

Note : The distances 5K and 10k are also certified.
5K: Certificate number QC-2022-003-LJJL. Expiration Dec 31/2030
10K: Certificate number QC-2022-002-LJJL. Expiration Dec 31/2030

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