They’re passionate, motivated and, above all, ready to share their love of running with you. Like us, they’ll be with you all season long to help you achieve your goals.


For the fourth year in a row, Caroline will be sharing her passion and running tips with our large community! A marathon runner since the age of 38, Caroline has been pushing back her limits ever since! Accumulating challenges, she will be taking part in her 4th World Championship in 2023 in duathlon, after two in triathlon (Ironman), and one in cycling (UCI).

Caroline is proof that when you’re passionate, determined, and willing, anything is possible.


It’s a pleasure to welcome back the authentic and endearing Joannie Fortin, mom since January 2022, among our ambassadors for a 7th season!

Creator of La Folle qui court, a blog about running and its physical and mental benefits, and author of the book La Course c’est la vie, Joannie discovered running in 2014, never suspecting that it would become her best therapy.

You’ll be able to listen to her again in January on WKND radio 91.9 or at the start of some of our races. It’s impossible not to be pumped up when you hear her cheering you on!

We look forward to welcoming her back for another exciting season of racing!


We are happy to announce that we’ll be continuing into 2023 with our ambassador Nicolas Danne!

A Frenchman who arrived in Quebec in 2017 and technical manager for the On Running brand, Nicolas is entering his 2nd season as a Je Cours Qc ambassador.

A soccer player and referee for 15 years, he has been a trail runner since 2014 and has taken part in races such as the 90 km Mont Blanc, the 160 km Bromont Ultra, the 125 km Ultra-Trail Harricana as well as the Tor des Géants in Italy.

Also a road runner with a marathon time of 2h44, Nico also took part in the Boston Marathon in 2019. In 2020, he completed a 160 km run in Villeray to raise funds for running stores and nursing staff.

Passionate about travel, music, and coffee, you’ll enjoy following him throughout the season, and meeting him at the Défi des Escaliers starting line!


We’re happy to announce that we’ll be continuing into 2023 with our exceptional ambassador Simon-Pierre Leblanc, for a 7th season!

An ex-smoker, Simon-Pierre only took up running in 2011! Since then, he’s been heavily involved in promoting running and healthy lifestyle habits.

During the 2022 edition of the Beneva Quebec City Marathon, he even managed the feat of running the 42.2 km distance twice, in addition to hosting several of our events in 2022.

Simon-Pierre wants to pass on his passion for running to as many people as possible.


We warmly welcome Karel Cadoret as Je Cours Qc 2023 ambassador!

If her face rings a bell, there’s a good chance it’s in a Quebec boutique window. A model since 2016 for various companies, Karel started running in 2018 with collegiate cross-country, followed by track and field at the Club d’Athlétisme de l’Université Laval. In 2021, she entered the world of trail running with the 18 km Trail du Grand-Duc, where she came 2nd in the women’s race, and the 28 km Ultra-Trail Harricana, where she came 3rd in the women’s race.

In 2022, Karel ran her first Ultra-Trail (Gaspesia 50) as well as the 65 km Ultra-Trail Harricana! She also inaugurated the first 6 AM Club in Limoilou!


We’re happy to welcome Quebec’s most incredible running couple as Je Cours Qc ambassadors for 2023!

Caroline and Anouka met in 2018; it was love at first sight and they haven’t let go of each other since.

Many start and finish lines later, they began sharing their adventures on TikTok to encourage women to get ahead in sport and dare to set themselves ambitious goals. They share their positive approach based on surpassing oneself, whatever one’s level.

The girls have big goals for 2023 in terms of performance, but they also believe in the importance of a balanced approach focused on the pleasure of movement.


Our beloved public ambassador 2022, Dominic Guay, will remain by our side for 2023!

Leader and founder of Club de course Montcalm, founded in May 2021, running came into Dominic’s life in 2012. Having never run before, he completed the 42.2 km Quebec City Marathon in just 5 months of training. Since then, Dominic has been working to create a community of people concerned about the importance of a healthy lifestyle with his running club!

Dominic is also co-organizer of the Santa Claus Run in Quebec City in December 2022!


Sylvie is our beloved Public Ambassador for the 2023 Je Cours Qc season! She takes part in the race series every year, except 6 years ago, when she suffered the biggest ordeal of her life: a brain tumor. This ordeal pushed her even harder and now she runs more than ever.

Since quitting smoking and taking up running 18 years ago, Sylvie has run 10 km, half-marathons, and a few marathons, as well as completing half-Ironman. In her first marathon, she qualified for Boston and then New York.

The most important thing for Sylvie is her health, both physical and mental. Running is synonymous with happiness for her. Whether it’s an outing or a competition, she does it for fun, with a smile from start to finish. You can see her on the starting line of the 21.2 km Lévis half-marathon! In September 2023, she will also be taking part in the Chicago Marathon.

Pierre-Luc Cartier

Fondation Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec – Université Laval (IUCPQ)

It is with great honor that we continue in 2023 with Pierre-Luc Cartier, our ambassador in collaboration with one of our associated causes, the IUCPQ Foundation. Pierre-Luc was introduced to hospitals at an early age. At just a few months old, doctors diagnosed him with a heart condition that would require lifelong follow-up. Surgical interventions thus followed one anther during most of his life.

In 2021, he crossed the finish line of his first ultra-marathon. Today, he hopes that his story will shed light on the prodigious work being done by the Institute’s team and serve as an example for all those struggling with one or more heart disease.

A true symbol of courage, you’ll have the chance to learn more about Pierre-Luc’s incredible story throughout the season!

Julian David Claros Duarte

Fondation du Centre de prévention du suicide de Québec

We’re delighted and proud to welcome Julian David Claros Duarte as an ambassador for the Fondation du Centre de prevention du suicide de Québec. Bereaved himself by his mother’s suicide, Julian decided to join forces with the foundation and Je Cours Qc to encourage people to take care of their physical and psychological well-being. Having overcome numerous sporting and personal challenges, we salute his great resilience and warmly thank him for agreeing to team up with us. He will be present at all four of our events this season!

Brigitte Trudel

Fondation du Centre Psycho-Pédagogique de Québec

We also welcome Brigitte Trudel as a Je Cours Qc 2023 ambassador! General manager of St-François school, a private special needs school, Brigitte believes that physical activity is essential to her equilibrium. It’s to support the Dynamites’ sport activities that she’s joining us this season. A keen runner, Brigitte is also an avid stair climber. She has averaged 275,000 steps annually over the past 6 years and will be joining us for the Défi des Escaliers in June. She will also be joining us for two other races during the season.

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