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Team sports: all the benefits of exercise… with an added twist

The virtues of physical activity are indisputable, but here’s the kicker: participating in a group activity has even more benefits!

Optimize your workouts

Deux coureurs souriants de marathon tenant une bouteille d'eau dans la main.
It’s time to start training for your event! Here are a few tips to get the most out of each session.

QUICK PICKS: How to Choose the Best Race Day Shoe for You (Saucony)

With so many options before you, how do you decide which shoe is right for you? We’ve put together a few tips for technical guidance, with help from Saucony Ambassador Lecia Mancini for some tried and true advice.

3 ways to combine running and a good cause!

women in pink shirts running in quebec city
We all know jogging is an amazing sport, but how about taking this activity to the next level? While jogging is usually a solo sport, it can also turn into a social activity that can help you give back to your community. Here are some ideas to shake up your routine, while making your jogging… View Article

Exciting new changes for 2018; registration opens next week

Registration officially opens Monday, November 20 for runners and walkers from near and far to sign up for any of the five running events on the 2018 Je Cours Qc race calendar. Big news for 2018: the SSQ Quebec City Marathon is moving to the weekend of October 12–14 to wrap up the season in… View Article
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